Monday, 8 December 2014

Finnish T-34/85 - PSC version revised/unearthed

In the beginning there was a PSC T-34/85...Then I got out my depth!
A long, long time ago...I began a project to make all the 'easy build' T-34s I could (by the likes of Armourfast, Pegasus and PSC) so I could compare them and see whether you could make these very basic kits look anything like a 'display quality' model. Anyway...

To be honest my lack of experience outstripped my ambition and I had to shelve the project until such time that my painting skills improved. Well, I *think* that - after my recent Finnish camo painting experiment - I have got to the point where I could do a acceptable job of my Finnish T-34/85 (famous last words).

To re-cap. I started to paint my PSC T-34/85 in 'Finnish colours' only to decide that they just weren't right...

That brown just isn't right!
But now, thanks to my Finnish camo experiment, I am more confident that I have the right colour combination this time. Obviously, though, continuing this project will mean I will have to resort to a simple over-paint job as I really don't think I am up to stripping the original paint job!

So...Out came the paint brush and I applied my new Finnish chocolate brown recipe!

That's better! ...Well, I think so (the grey is still a bit dark, but let's just pretend it's 'weathered').

In a way I wish I could start this one again and airbrush the camo properly but I think I can camo the camo with some judicious weathering.

Next: A light coat of varnish before applying some dust and then onto the pin-wash.

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