Sunday, 14 December 2014

1/72 Steyr RSO - Part 5

OK, a real post this time! I've been fooling around with some dry-brushing of the canvas tilt.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of dry-brushing - probably because I haven't mastered the technique - but it seemed such a logical effect to apply the my RSO's dark grey tilt cover.

I'm using this LIFE cover photo as reference, I really like the tatty nature of the canvas tilt on this RSO. It's also nice and muddy, which I will use as the contrast in colours will lift the plain grey canvas and add some character...

In the meantime, onto the cab interior. Now, I'm not spending a lot of time on this, just the bear minimum as it will only be partially visible through the cab windscreen. I gave the interior a mid-brown wash and did a passable job of the figure - just a bit of dry-brushing for highlights and then some black wash for shadows...

The Finnish vehicle didn't have unit or divisional emblems, the Finn's didn't seem to use them. All it seems to have had were Finnish military ('SA') number-plates and the factory applied vehicle ID patches on the driver's door. The ID patches contained weight data [shipping] for the vehicle and seem to have been applied to both doors, or sometimes just to the drivers side...

As usual I gave the base paint coat on the cab a light spray of Humbrol's acrylic Satin Varnish before applying the decal. I used Microscale's Micro Set as a preparation and placed the water-slide decal (from a Academy Opel Blitz kit) onto that then dabbed it dry. Once satisfied with the positioning I then gently moistened the edges of the decal with Micro Sol, just to ensure an seamless look between decal and the model surface.

And that's it for tonight. Next it will be back into the spray booth for another light dusting of satin varnish to seal the decal and prepare the model for a dusting of dust and pin-washing.

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