Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Pegasus 1/72 German Army Truck - Part 3

Just to prove I am actually doing some model-making - here's a tiny update on the progress of my the second of my Pegasus German Army Trucks. As I wanted the second truck to be a bit more detailed I decided to add some extra texture to the disappointingly plain canvas tilt...

The standard German Army canvas 'tilt' cover was actually quite a complex affair with lots of flaps and ties and what-not. In particular troop transports like these Mercs and Opel Blitz had three large flaps on each side of the tilt (they look like 'windows' but I'm not sure of the correct term for them). But the Pegasus plastic cover does not show these feature clearly so I decided to give them a bit of extra emphasis by placing some wrinkled metal tape over the top (metal tape, I find, crinkles beautifully).

As I mentioned, this bit of work is hardly worth it's own post but it does illustrate how improving the level of detail of this 'easy build' kit can be quite a simple job. Indeed, all the extra detailing work I did on this model was as easy as this - which goes to show that not much needs to be done to turn this excellent 'quick build' kit into a fairly respectable display quality model.


  1. Stephen, now that is a quite a nice improvement. Do like that progress very much.
    By the way... did you ever noticed that your camo scheme holds some cryptical information? Middle panel section plus right section plus part of the door holds clearly a "yawa". :-)

    1. :D You have discovered my secret model-making agenda! ....I may have to try and hide my messages more carefully in future! ;)

      It was a small bit of progress, but I am finding that all I seem to get is a 20 minutes here and 15 minutes there to work on my kits at the moment. I wish I had more spare time....Still just 10 more years and I can retire! Hahahaha!

  2. Where do you get metal tape?