Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pegasus 1/72 German Army Truck - Part 2

Picking up from where I left off just before my summer holiday I'm cracking on with the second of my two pegasus German Army Trucks. A reminder...

I had chosen a dark grey camo with light-grey 'squiggles' from the colour scheme that came with an Italeri Opel Blitz kit I had. I don't know if any Wehrmacht Mercedes L3000s had this camo scheme but as the main purpose of this project was for me to try out new camo schemes I thought I would give it a go. I began by masking out the 'squiggles' using BluTac over a light-grey base coat...

This took a while and to be honest I think this was probably an overly convoluted technique, but my airbrush skill (or rather lack of it) just wouldn't allow me to paint the squiggles freehand (and I didn't want to brush paint these on). Once done I gave the whole thing a coat of Humbrol's acrylic spray in Tank Grey, then I peeled off the BluTac...

Not perfect but I suspect the real camo was just whacked on pretty haphazardly too. This will still need a bit of touching up though, just to clean up some of the more sloppy squiggles. But overall, it's an interesting effect.

So, once tidied up I'll give it a coat of gloss varnish before applying the decals (also from the Italeri Opel Blitz kit) and then another coat of varnish before starting the weathering.


  1. Nice work. The blue tac approach was well worth it.

    1. Thanks Paul...If my brushwork was better I guess I could have saved myself a lot of time, but I wanted to experiment with masking techniques.

  2. Excellent work! As far as I recall the Pegasus truck has no windows. Any ideas here? Are you going to scratchbuild your own?

    1. That right Per, they come without windows. I will be making my own out of some spare clear plastic (which is why the windows are masked out at the moment, as I have already painted the cab interior ready to fit the windows when the exterior painting is done). Not my favourite job as it can get messy if you aren't careful! :)