Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Man cave update - painting zone complete

I've put the finishing touched to my painting workstation today...

I guess the main point of interest will be the green tray - this is actually a dirt cheap seed tray (pun for Tim!) from Aldi of all places, it was just £6.99. The idea is that it will keep all the paint exactly where I want it.

The spray booth has been raised to a more useful height and I bought another of those nice paint pot racks from Progressive Engineering for my Tamita 10ml pots (it also happens to hold my Vallejo weathering powders and enamels).

Next: The final phase, the modelling bench.


  1. Great idea Stephen, this is all coming together nicely.

    1. Thanks Paul, I'm pleased with it - the seed/gardening tray was a terrific find. It means that if I do fancy painting in front of the TV downstairs I can transport this down without fear of getting paint on the sofa!

      One thing I forgot to mention I suppose is all teh spray cans - with the airbrush coming on line I hope to start dispensing with these.

  2. I see'd that one coming....