Sunday, 12 May 2013

1/72 Unimodel BA-10 Armoured Car Pt. 6 - base coat

I do like Humbrol's Light Olive, especially when you add a thin gloss varnish layer...

This is my first chance to see the BA-10 and BA-20 together in their final base colour and they do look a really sweet couple! At the moment I am trying to ready the god awful UM acrylic tyres, the UM kit maybe better than the ACE BA-20 kit, but I wish I had the ACE's hard plastic wheels for my BA-20.

However...I have a cunning plan.

So while I tinker with this I will move on to the decals and also get the wheels on the BA20.


  1. More cunning than a cunning cunning who has just completed a course in cunning at cunning university?

    1. .....Er....No. LMAO - But quite cunning! ;)

      Basically I am sending a selection of the best looking wheel/tyre combinations up to my brother and he is going to have a go at casting them in resin. He's done some experiments with resin moulding already but now needs some small stuff with some detail on it, so we are killing two birds with one stone. Fingers crossed!