Wednesday, 15 May 2013

ACE 1/72 BA-20 Armoured Car Pt. 5 - Decals

I haven't gone wild with the decals but instead just produced something fairly generic that will suffice for a war gaming model. Besides I'm afraid Finnish decals in 1/72 are a bit rare and my stock is nearly depleted.

Anyway, it looks smart enough but those Finnish swastikas were a real pain to get straight. These are later war cropped swastikas, I believe the Finns used full sized ones in the early war but then clipped the swastika 'arms' for armoured units mid-war. Of course, when Finland changed sides in the later part of the war they changed over to the Finnish roundel at the insistence of the Soviets (for obvious reasons).

I will give the decals a light coat of gloss varnish to seal them and then the model is ready to pin-wash and weather. But I will pause at this point while I await my new BA-10 wheels to arrive as I want to weather these models together (as they are part of the same company).

While this project is on hold I will move onto my next Finnish war game army model. I suppose there is some merit in getting a few models up to the same stage and then finish them together, especially when you are weathering.

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  1. Hi Stephen.

    While not quite a "pigs ear" this ACE kit takes a lot of patience and TLC to get it looking this neat. You've done a marvellous job with the joins on the hull. Makes me want to have a crack at another one of these, to see if I can get one looking this good, I am a fan of these old armoured cars.