Saturday, 27 April 2013

Progressive Engineering Paint Rack

Part of my workspace reorganisation is trying to get proper storage for all the bits and pieces of modelling paraphernalia that are currently spread allover the house. I'm fed up of things not being exactly where I thought they were, so...

Instead of storing my paints in various boxes and draws I want to gather the together and neatly sort them out by means of a rack. I came across the Progressive Engineering laser cut MDF racks and they really look just the sort of thing I want in my new and super organised work space.

The good thing about these racks are that they are specially designed to accomodate specific pots of paint made by the most popular manufacturers. Tamiya, Games Workshop, Vallejo and Foundry sized pots are catered for and racks range from 20 pot to giant 256 pot capacity!

The racks come 'flat pack' but they go together very easily and are quite sturdy once constructed. The MDF itself is heat sealed which happens to produce a very attractive finish. I guess you could spray the racks any colour you want if you happen to want to match the racks with your decor!

The components are held together with steel nuts and screws and they come with rubber 'feet' and everything appears very well thought out and good quality. The particular rack I purchased can also be linked together in modular fashion using a magnet system - which can be purchased separately - so you can join together racks made for different brands of paint pots.

Down side? Well, I guess that might be the price - my 20 pot Vallejo rack set me back £15 (plus postage)! But what you are really paying for is the satisfaction of having your collection of paints stored and presented in a very attractive and uniform system, you have to decide whether that is worth shelling out for. I happen to like the 'everything in it's place' sense of satisfaction that is gotten from such tidy purpose built storage.

You can see the full range of Progressive Engineering racks by visiting their web store:!__paint-racks

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