Sunday, 7 April 2013

1/72 Unimodel BA-10 Armoured Car Pt. 3 - Cab

A nice way to finish off the weekend - some BA-10 relaxation. Once again the UM kit's complexity has turned a small job into a bit of a intense session. I did have to wonder if they really had to have separate parts for some of the features of the cab.

Take the engine hatches, I am pretty sure if I bought the Pegasus BA-6 kit that these hatches would be perfectly well represented by being moulded onto the hull's body itself. But would they be as sharply and delicately as defined as they are in the UM kit?

It is a nice kit - I shall have to get some more UM models.

My only criticism of this stage would be the delicacy of the guns. I would prefer to find a brass turned barrel to replace the 45mm main gun. The machine guns are a little fragile too.

Next: Mating the chassis to the cab and adding the additional hull features. Let's see if I can get the construction phase finished!


  1. Looking decidedly dicey on the fragile stakes Stephen.

    Great work so far, keep it up.

    1. Yep Paul, what was annoying was that the guns started bending as soon as I begun to cut them off the sprue - you have to be ultra careful with them. Were I a ardent war gamer I would be tempted to replace these plastic guns for simple metal rods.