Thursday, 18 April 2013

Man cave update - Man, he build shelves, ug!

Never mind cave painting, in my mind prehistoric man became 'man' when he first thought that he needed some sort of thing on the cave wall to place his mammoth tusks or conch shells. This was the first shelf, and since then it has been a mark of a man that he takes pride in his installation of such a thing...

OMG! There IS carpet under the muck!
Well, I got my shelf system up OK and now I am starting to re-organize the junk. I need some more shelving of course - when did white Melamine get so expensive by the way? - so I can start clearing down the desks. At the moment I am just re-assembling my spray booth in the corner.

...It's amazing how uneven the wall - and floor - is! Honestly I used a spirit level - that shelf IS level!

So, nearly there. I need to get a Velux blind for the window, the sun shines right in my eyes at this time of year, in the meantime I've pinned a piece of cloth up as a make-shift curtain. Otherwise it's all very comfortable and pleasant.

Next, organising the modelling desk and adding all my tools and paints.


  1. Very tidy! I have velux-style windows in my toy room and office - I bought a blind for the latter which works really well.

    1. Cheers Tim, I have to say I am quite pleased myself. I've been looking for the blinds and found an online store that does Velux blackout blinds from about £26, which seems good value.

      I do like a darkened room when I'm gaming! :)

    2. Yes, I had heard you were afraid of direct sunlight....