Saturday, 17 March 2012

Featured work - Tim's make-do Soviet staff car

One of the reasons I like war gamers so much is that they often show a level of lateral thinking and sense of humour that is less apparent in the 'serious' world of display modelling. Take Tim Gow's wonderful WW2 Soviet staff car, he has utilised a kid's toy as a stand-in for this type of vehicle.

Obviously the level of scrutiny when it comes to authenticity is different on a war game table than it is on a display competition table but you have to admire the ingenuity shown by Tim. The car is actually a Hot Wheels classic Ford and it looks just the job, especially with the excellent figures included on this command base.

In fact, Tim has inspired me as I have been looking for a cheap Soviet ZIS 5 truck and so I'll be looking at what's available in die-cast.

Check out Tim's blog - Megablitz and more...

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