Thursday, 23 March 2017

MW 1/72 GAZ AA Truck - Part 4.5

Apologies for the 'micro-posting', but just finished this (early morning start) and wanted to post it up as it will be a few days before I have time to do any more model stuff.

I got the base colours on my 'canvas tarp'...

I got lots of really good feedback and suggestions from the Facebook modelling groups I posted my progress on.This included a great idea for improving this method...

One of the problems with paper tissue is that it has a tendency to tear and even dissolve when it gets too wet (as I found with my first attempt) and it's not easy to handle and reposition. So, I've been advised to try out wet wipes (you know, the baby cleaning tissues) as they are made out of a plastic-based material (which is why you shouldn't flush them) and so don't tear as easily.

You just let the wet wipe dry out a little (stick it on top of a radiator) and then apply the diluted PVA as normal. Good tip (thanks GReg)!

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  1. Pleasure mate your efforts look excellent. Keep us posted with your wet wipes attempts..