Wednesday, 20 July 2016

British weather throws me a curved ball!

If there is one thing that you usually don't have to worry about - here in the UK - it's extremes of weather. But occasionally - very occasionally - the weather throws a wobbly and teases us with a sunny day, just to show us what we are missing!

Yesterday was just such a day. In fact, it wasn't just sunny - it was neigh-on Mediterranean, with temperatures that had us poor old Brits running for the nearest chip shop or for the kitchen to make an emergency boiling hot mug of tea!

The upshot of this was rather unfortunate as I had picked yesterday to gloss my freshly decaled Hobby Boss Spitfire Vb. I sprayed the model - to seal the decals - as usual, but when I returned to my attic workspace the room was like an OVEN, and this had happened...

The gloss on top of these decals looks like it had actually boiled! (I presume this is the result of spraying on acrylic gloss when the room temperature is far too high.)

This is a great shame as the model was coming along nicely...

I suppose it's lucky that this was just a paint test model and not the 'real thing' - I would have been really gutted then. Just Googling to see if there are any remedies...I'll update this post if I come across any.


The Solution - was a solution!
Glad to say that I have somewhat rectified the 'bubbles' in my decals problem. It's not perfect but it's miles better than it was...

A great big thank you to the members of The Plastic Scale Model Making Group on Facebook who's members helped me out of my predicament.

To get rid of my bubbles it was recommended that I use a sharp pin or sewing needle and to prick each bubble. Then, having holed each little bump I applied a couple of coats of Microscale's Micro Sol. This shrunk the bumps down and smoothed out the wrinkled decals.


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