Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Finnish T-34/85 underway again

While I wait for the parts to arrive for my next moderately big modelling project to arrive, I have time to deal with one or two older projects that I put on ice a while ago.

My Finnish T-34/85 project was shelved while I carried out my experiments into the Finnish 3-colour camouflage scheme. Now I've settled on the colours for this scheme and produced my first example - my T-50 - I think I am ready to continue with my Finnish medium tank.

The colours will change slightly over the course of the weathering process.
I finished off the hakenkreuz crosses on the turret - these I painted on by hand as I couldn't find quite the right size of decal to fit the model. Finnish decals in 1/72 are a bit thin on the ground!

But once I got this work done it was just a case of spraying a coat of gloss varnish on, ready to apply the last of the decals needed for this particular vehicle. (I do have suitable sized decals for the rest of the job.)

After the last of the decals, it will be another light coat of varnish before I start pin-washing.

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