Sunday, 13 March 2016

Featured work - Great minds, or fools?

"Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ!"

It's been a while since I did a 'featured work' post, mainly because I have weird tastes and I like 'odd' and unusual examples of modelling. So, it was really exciting for me to stumble across another modeller who was undertaking a very similar project to myself.

Back in 2013, Fred Konynenburg - over on the Braille Scale Discussion Group - posted up some fantastic shots of his take on 'accurising' a PSC T-34/85! And what a superb job he has made of it too!

Model: 1/72 PSC T-34/85 by Fred Konynenburg
Spookily, this must have been undertaken at almost exactly the same time as I started off my PSC T-34/85 project. But, being clearly a better modeller than I am, Fred took the concept of improving the wargame quality kit even further than I did and has added loads more detail...

He went quite mad with the PE (photo etched) brass accessories and styrene scratch-built upgrades. In this, he has assembled something more akin to the second of my T-34/85 'accurisation' (I know that's possibly not a real word) projects, my Armourfast T-34/85 project...

My Armourfast upgrade project.
It's really cool to see that someone else finds this sort of concept interesting and worth doing. It's certainly a challenge and - in my humble opinion - is more of a test of the modellers skill than making an expensive display quality kit 'out the box' (where all the accurate detail has already been done for you). But, I understand that this is - as I say - just my opinion.

Fred's completed model displays a standard of painting that matches his modelling talent and looks fantastic...

I especially like the inclusion of the tank loader, peeping out his small hatch! I hope my T-34/85s turn out as good as this. Very well done, Fred!

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