Wednesday, 5 June 2013

1/100 Tamiya IL-28 Beagle - Part 5, Wheels down

Probably one of the easiest phases in this kit, the undercarriage went on without any problems. This is the first phase where I haven't found myself reaching for my modeler's putty!

At the same time I tried out a test fitting for the wing-tip tanks...

Well, just two minor pre-painting phases to go. The first is the construction of the rear turret and the second is the preparation of the canopies.

I already did a test fitting of the canopies and was pleased to find that they are quite a nice fit. So I can move on to the Pledge Klear dip (more on that later)...

There will also be a minor painting phase as I check all interior surfaces and give them a coat prior to the major overall silver coating. Things like undercarriage wells and nose interior and tail gunner interior surface will get a coat of mid-grey.


  1. A labour of love Stephen!

    1. LOL...Love, or sometimes hate! :)

      I'm taking this carefully as I haven't build many planes, not of this size and the amount of filling and sanding I have done worries me. We shall see if my scraping away at the surface shows through after I paint the main coat!