Sunday, 30 June 2013

MIG-15 - Day Three

Bugger. After sanding down the seams of my MIG-15 I thought it would be a quick job to stick on the last few parts so that it was ready to spray on the first coat of paint...No!

The Hobby Boss kit was designed to be made exactly as it is shown in the instructions, with undercarriage down and air breaks open. The parts are not designed to offer an alternative fitting.

So, the undercarriage covers are not the same shape as the 'holes' they should fit into! And neither are the air breaks.

The photo above shows how I have managed to file and re-shape the undercarriage covers to fit into the wells in the 'closed' position. Even so, the last small cover does not fit at all and I will have to fill this space with some Milliput putty.

The air break covers will have to be filed down to fit flush and have it's hinges removed. Again I will have to do some additional filling with putty.

The curse of cheap kits...So I will not get this done in a weekend. What a surprise!

Edit: Job done, this pic gives you a better idea of what I did to fill the undercarriage wells where the 'doors' supplied didn't fit. There was also some additional filling here and there, not a big job but, of course, I needed to leave his for a day to dry...

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