Saturday, 27 May 2017

Coming Soon...More Little Tanks!

Having completed the GF9 TANKS starter set models, I'm getting back on with my 1/72 projects. But, I'm already planning my next expansion of my GF9T inventory and the postman brought these additions to my kit stash yesterday...

These mid-WW2 (1943) Soviet tanks will make up a small Red Army force for a 'Battle of Kursk' themed game I am currently planning. I have already built a German 'Elefant' Tank Destroyer, have a Panzer IV H in construction and have a Tiger I in my stash, so my inventory is in place for the game.

One of the German opposition that my new Soviet tanks will be up against!
My recently completed 'Elefant' (or 'Ferdinand' if you prefer).
I went for the Zvezda KV-1 m41 as it was the cheaper option than buying the rarer - and much more expensive - 1/100 Battlefront KV-1S (£9), even though by this stage in the war the KV-1 had been mostly replaced by the KV-1S. I can get away with this as I know there were at least 22 of the older KV-1 tanks at the battle (and probably more).

It will be interesting to compare the size of the Battlefront T-34 with the Zvezda T-34 I already have, as Battlefront tends to be a little larger than Zvezda's '1/100'.

My Zvezda 1/100 T-34/76 m40. How will this compare in size to my new
Battlefront T-34? Will there be much difference?


  1. >>1/100 Battlefront KV-1S (£9)

    Sheesh, talk about an over-priced rip-off. Now I remember why I don't buy any of their stuff. - You could by a 20mm KV-1 for that price (or less!)

    Rantette over :) love the paint job you've done on your Zvezda T-34!

    1. I'm glad you said that, R_C. I thought it was just me. All I want to do is play the game, and I can do that with the Zvezda for half the price of PF or PSC (I like the PSC models but they don't sell them individually, sadly). I saw that BF KV-1S and I thought exactly the same thing as you...I could get a lovely 1/72 model for that....As you say - 'Sheesh'! :)