Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Modelling...I mean Christmas!

After an excellent birthday yesterday the merriment continues on this Christmas morning. So I just wanted to say a very Merry Festive Season/Holiday/Solstice/Christmas to you all!

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and that Santa brought you something nice. I did very well, my brother gave me a very unexpected treat - a beautiful Black Dog 1/72 Centurion MK. III...

So I'm going to have an interesting new year as this is the most expensive and accurate (and complex) model I have undertaken to date. The research alone will keep me entertained for quite some time (as will the quandary as to whether to do a British Army example or an Israeli version).

May you workbenches be full and your carpet monster be well fed!

Merry Christmas friends.



  1. British in Korea? Or Swedish? Swiss perhaps?

  2. Aussie tank for Vietnam! Pair it up with a M113.

    Lovely gift mate.