Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Finnish T-26 m1933 - Part 2

I seem to be on something of a model making frenzy - I now have 3 models on the go simultaneously. What could possibly go wrong?

Hopefully my T-26 adventure won't end badly!
Last night I started my Pegasus T-26 kit (or rather 'kits', as there are two in the box), these will be the start of a total of 6 or 7 T-26s that will form the 'light' element of my Finnish tank battalion. Because there are so many of these little buggers I am relying on the 'E-Z Build' budget kits that Pegasus excel in (though my lead 'HQ' tank will be an excellent Mirage T-26 m1939).

There are just 15 component parts to the Pegasus T-26, which take a lot of the strain off making so many of these models (especially for novice modeller like myself)...

One of the two tank sprue sets you get in the Pegasus T-26 box.
Despite being targeted at the war-gaming/young modeller market (hence the low component count) Pegasus manage to pack a decent level of detail into their models. I think they are superior to other 'quick build' makes like Armourfast, PSC and Italeri (though PSC make-up for their discrepancies in scale and accuracy by giving the modeller a lot of optional choices)...

Nice level of surface detail, down to rivets and tools (you wouldn't get these on
an Armourfast kit)!
Of particular note is Pegasus's one-piece tracks. While - as with all 'quick build' makes - the track links themselves are grossly simplified and not accurate, the general look and running gear is quite nicely done. They even model a bit of 'track droop' on the upper tracks...

Instructions are - as you can imagine ' brief, to say the least. And there is no paint suggestion or decal sheet included - these frivolities are left up to the model-maker to work out...

So, naturally, I soon had the first of my two T-26s put together, with just some minor trimming of sprue stubs (there was practically no flash to mention)...

And there we have it, all done in less than five minutes! It's no wonder these type of kits are popular with war-gamers (who might have large armies of vehicles to build for a game).

I am not  going to be adding any 'improvement's or fiddling around as - to be honest - the level of detail is fine and quite accurate right out the box. I may drill out the barrel of the 45mm gun, but honestly that's it.

On to the painting!

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  1. Pegasus makes a bt tank also didn't the finns use those too?