Thursday, 22 October 2015

1/72 Steyr RSO - Part 6

Weathering with oils
I'm starting to get a process with my vehicles, a series things that seem to work for me. Bleaching and staining with cheap oil paints is part of my weathering regime...

The bleached streaks are done by smudging spots of white oil paint and the greasy brown streaks are smudges of brown oil. Between oil colours I spray on a light coat of satin varnish to help protect the previous oil layers.

I've also started using the brown oil paint as a sort of wash - I did this on the chassis and underneath, it's a quick way to distress and shade areas that aren't 'on show'...

While the use of cheap oil paints has made many of my (more expensive) AK Interactive Washes obsolete there is one item in AK's line that I don't think I could do without. That's their Dark Brown for Green Vehicles.

This is an enamel wash so it has pros and cons. Obviously it's a bit smelly, I suppose I've gotten a bit spoilt because of the availability of good quality acrylic paints these days (can't believe it was enamels or nothing when I was a kid). On the positive side it's because it's a oil-based paint that it works so well - in combination with a varnished surface - for pin-washing.

Next up - a spot of highlighting before the chipping and mud.

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  1. FAB as Thinderbirds would say

    I intend to review your master classes when I get back onto my WWII vehicles :)