Thursday, 22 January 2015

Featured work - Zvezda's new 1/72 IS-2 tank

Zvezda's new 1/72 IS-2, made and painted by Denis Kurov.
I do like Soviet heavy armour - though I can't say exactly why (maybe it's because there's something malevolent, course and almost robotic about them, like they are an alien iron species). Anyhoo, flights of fantasy aside, they are superbly monstrous mountains of metal.

Zvezda is gaining a really impressive reputation for display quality kits - I bought their T-34 and it was very nice indeed, if a little expensive - and this series of publicity photos really does show off their IS-2 very well. It was made by Denis Kurov.

Link to Zvezda website (English):

Link to Zvezda on Facebook

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