Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Beats of War v-blog review of PSC Churchill tank

I'm posting this up not because I'm particularly a Chruchill fan, or because I think it's a terrific review, but because it's an interesting little move which highlights the different set of requirements and preferences of war game modellers as opposed to those of display modellers.

Despite the Churchill being a technological dinosaur I can see that there is a certain Steampunk-ish attractiveness to the design that would make you delight in fielding these in a game. The real tank, however, was probably less welcomed (Churchill himself despised his armoured name-sake) but it did a certain amount of sterling service, particularly in one of it's 'Funnies' specialist configerations.

Anyhoo, nice to see a model review like this on a video blog like Beasts of War as it opens up an important historical era to young gamers, which is important.

Endnote: I have made several comments about PSC kits when I have made them about them being slightly over-scaled compared to other '1/72' kits on the market. So, it was interesting to hear the opening statements by the reviewer where he mentioned that the scale was '1/72 or possibly 1/73' - even war gamers notice that PSC have 'gone their own way' with scaling! Although I think he has it confused as I think PSC kits are more like '1/70'.

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