Friday, 22 November 2013

Featured work - Mr. Dyzio's Berlin diorama

I seldom get a chance to feature a piece of work that is so relevant to a project that I am working on as - here - with Mr. Dyzio's 'city scene'. Mr Dyzio very kindly offered me so very useful advice about my own 'Battle of Berlin' vignette, but his own examples speak volumes about just how to go about tackling such a scenario...

Mr Dyzio's attention to detail is fantastic

Interestingly, the section of his scene that put's my novice efforts most to shame is the area of my back-drop which I knew from the start that I was skimping on with regards to planning and detail - the street.

You may remember, if you have had the endurance to have followed the progress of my project, that I mentioned how this first diorama was just an experiment with techniques and I wasn't going to get caught up with the fine detailing. Unfortunately it is exactly this attention to detail - the type of cobbles used, the manhole covers and drain gratings and the tram lines - that marks the level of quality between myself and an expert modeller like Mr Dyzio.

I'm being self-deprecating or negative when I say that, we are just at different stages in our modelling careers so it's actually interesting to compare how we both tackled a similar subject. It's very useful for me to acknowledge how I could have 'done things better' and have such a good example of how I might have improved my diorama - I will take these lessons forward to my next project.

Mr Dyzio'z completed 'Mouse' vignette - wonderful!

So, many thanks to Mr Dyzio for the constructive assistance, it is very gratefully received. Please do check out his completed 'Cat & Mouse' diorama over at his blog: Dyzio Scale Models - 1/72 MAUS Dragon - Completed

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