Saturday, 9 November 2013

Battle of Berlin vignette, Part 5

Unfortunately I had to back track a bit with this project. As I feared I had over-done the 'damage' to the facade, this became clear when I sprayed on the grey base coat. Just one of those things I'm afraid. However, the easy remedy for this was just to quickly skim some Pollyfilla over the surface which hid some of the superfluous marks...

...This actually turned out to be one of those fortuitous accidents as the Pollyfilla coat turned out to be a really nice touch. Being quick dry plaster it had a tendency to crack in places, adding to the impression of damaged masonry!

Once satisfied - this time - with my facade it was back to the spray booth again for another coat of mid-grey acrylic primer...

OK, now it's time to start planning my painting strategy! :)

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