Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Armourfast T-34/85 build - Part 2

Managed to get a bit further, and although these are very small additions I'm quite pleased with both of them. I've finished off the rear hull modifications by doing an improvement to the exhaust pipes and I have cut the hatch for the driver on the front of the hull...

For the exhausts I trimmed off the Armourfast pipes and cut a grove in the back of the covers to hold the new pipes I was making. The new pipes were just pieces of copper tubing cut to length and bent to shape.

Before I got to cutting the driver's hatch I did do one other modification, this was to the front MG cupola. The stock Armourfast one was too vertical at the front compared to the reference material I was using (Kagero's 'T-34/85 Topshots #32') so I trimmed it so that it slanted back a little. I smoothed off with Milliput and while I was at it added the welding marks around the edge of it...

Cutting the hatch was a bit scary for a novice like me - I was worried that I if I made a mistake I would ruin the whole hull. But as i was I was able to cut out the 6.5x6.6mm hole and file the edges down so it looked OK. Next to the hull you can see the back of the hatch cover which I have started detailing - I've added extra thickness for the inside.

NEXT: Detailing the driver's hatch and making a 'cockpit' for the driver figure.

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