Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hunor Model 1939 Ford V8 Truck - Part 3

Oh, dear! This is gonna be a long haul...

Just a tiny update on this project, so you can see what I'm up against and why this is going to crawl along with some very insignificant progress updates.

One of my two Hunor Ford M39's arrived with a damaged 'nose'...

It seems there might have been an air bubble in the mould, the truck's grill and lower edge were paper thin and disintegrated when touched. So I am having to rebuild the damaged area with some Milliput putty.

While this may be an extreme example of some of the problems that exist with this model, there will undoubtedly be a lot more work for the Milliput on these models.

Once the Milliput has dried I will sand it into shape properly. I'm quite pleased with the job I made of repairing the grill, I think it will suffice. From here I will move onto fitting the cab and bonnet to the cab floor and fenders (which you can see temporarily fitted to the cab on the right).

You perhaps won't be surprised to hear that the cab and its floor and fenders aren't a great fit. You'll notice the gaps between the fenders and the bonnet in the picture, but this is the least of the problems

But, that - as they say - is a story for another time!

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