Tuesday, 30 April 2013

1/72 Finnish Ford V3000 - quick repair

Everything is a bit of a muddle while I carry out my man cave reorganisation  and bit of the projects I was working on are scattered all over. But in any case, I keep finding little bits and pieces to work on including my Ford V3000 truck which was in need of some repair.

The 'planks' that form the 'stake bed' had deformed, this is in part because of the poor choice of material with which I made the planks - very thin plasticard strips - and also because of the glue I used melted the plastic, weakening it. The strips ended up wrinkling and warping.

Repairing the warped plastic strips by gluing on thin brass ones.
Anyway, while tidying up I came across a sheet of thin brass and I wondered if I could reinforce my plastic planks by gluing thin strips of the brass to the inside. Hopefully the metal strips would straighten out my warped plastic ones.

I couldn't use anything thicker or the planks would then look odd. The brass strips did the job and straightened up the planking again. I'll give these a quick spray and then I can continue with this project once again.

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