Sunday, 28 April 2013

Featured work - Neil Lyall's Gaz 42 & 120mm mortor

Military Wheels Kit 7250 GAZ-42 Truck & 120mm Mortar.

Photography is a wonderful thing, with good photography you can make a mediocre model look good, or with bad photography you can make a good model look mediocre. Neither my model making or my photography is anything to shout about so I really appreciate it when I see a nicely presented diorama.

Neil Lyall - over at the Braillebuilder blog - made a wonderful Gaz 42 truck in 1/72 scale along with an accompanying 120mm mortar. He has done minimal panel lining or highlighting on his models preferring a ultra realistic look helped out by some excellent photography...

I did a double take - the natural lighting helps the realistic effect and his subtle 'dust' layer gives it that weathered look without going over the top.

Neil choses some really nice scenics to create his dioramas and his train sequence is very well put together. And again you have to look twice to realize that it is indeed a scale model.

See more over at the the BrailleBulder blog.

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