I've been asked to post up the DIY Bolt Action Order Dice designs I have drawn, so I have made this page to host the links. The format I am using is PDF (sorry MS Word users) and as I do not use this format often please let me know if you encounter any problems.

The D6 blank dice for use with these labels can be purchased from

American BA Order Dice:

Download: A4 blank dice template - American Order Dice

German BA Order Dice:

Download: A4 blank dice template - German Order Dice

I will be adding some other nations in the future.

If you download and use my designs please take a snap of them in use and send me the pic - I'd love to see them in action! Steve


  1. Just downloaded your templates. Waiting on the dice to arrive from across the pond, even with shipping it was less than what I would have paid from a US source. Plus they had a few more colors available. Purchased Light Grey, and Olive Drab. Will send you pics as soon as I can.

  2. Hello kitnoob :)

    That's awesome work you show on your site! :)
    Is it possible to download your dice pdfs without an microsoft account?

    Cheers from Germany,

  3. PS: How did you make those custom adhesive labels?