Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Skyrex 1/100 SU-122 - Part 3b

My 1/100 WW2 Soviet tank force has been on hold while I awaited the arrival of some additional decals that I ordered. I'm glad to say that they have now popped through my letterbox!

These 1/144 Red Army slogans are the same as the white versions that I used on my 1/100 T-34s...But red (in both senses of the word)!

I'm trying to get both my T-34s and SU-122s to the same point in their painting so that I can do the next couple of stages in their weathering together, hence the wait.

 I wasn't really satisfied with the red number decals that I had applied to this SU-122, I thought the tank looked a little mundane and needed a little something extra. So when I realised you could get the Red Army slogan decals in red I ordered them straight away (though, stupidly, I opted for second class postage which is why they took so long to come).

The decals are by 1/144 Direct in Glasgow. I just have to decide which slogan to add to my SU-122 (just below the numbers)...?

Next: Weathering my T-34s and SU-122s.

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