Sunday, 23 April 2017

15mm Smoke Marker...Quick!

Probably the quickest project I've ever done!

Bloomin' things...I never know what to do with these packing
chips I get in parcels!
I was just about to bin a load of those annoying polystyrene packaging things (the squishy 'void chips') when I stopped and thought 'I wonder if they would make small smoke clouds for my Tanks game'?

In particular, I wanted some quick and easy smoke markers to indicate knocked out tanks. But I didn't want to spend loads of time sculpting and painting 'realistic' clouds of smoke, so I wondered if I could get away with a bit of a fudge.

Ten minutes later...(Literally, the black spray paint wasn't really dry!)

OK, it's a wee bit rubbish, but it'll do until I have more time to attend to these battlefield extras (I'd rather spend my time modelling vehicles and playing games at the moment, scenery will go on the backburner for now).

I also had a thought that these might make quick 15mm trees and bushes as well! :D

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