Friday, 10 February 2017

This week's Bolt Action pics

This weeks session at the Scarborough Games Society was very exciting indeed (as well as being immense fun). My host pulled out all the stops and set up a fantastic table for us to play on, based on a modular trench system.

The game involved a British Airbourne force assaulting a German entrenched position, with the objective of breaking through the lines to the German HQ at the rear. I played the Germans (boooo) and my host - Craig of the SGS - played the British Paras.

I'll write a game report in due course, but I was keen to get the pictures up as the trench system has a lot of possibilities for modellers. Here's my Flickr gallery album for the session...

Scarborough Games Society 09/02/2017

SPOILER: The Germans won!

Update: I've finished my game report - 'Milgeek: A Trench Too Far'

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