Monday, 20 June 2016

'Quick' (Really?) Paint Test

As mentioned in my last post, I'd like to pause my Tiger Cartoon P-40 in order to experiment with some painting techniques and styles. I also mentioned that one of my local stores (Boyes of Yorkshire, England) have had Hobby Boss aircraft kits on discount for a while now (£4.75), making them cheap and cheerful 'guinea pigs' for modelling projects.

Well, I left work early today and popped down to Boyes only to find that they were having a sale. Not only that but one of the Hobby Boss kits available was a Desert RAF Spitfire Vb (my favourite mark of Spitfire)...

Guess how much? ...Only £2.25!

Now, experienced kit builders might say 'that's about how much some of the Hobby Boss kits are worth' (ironically, their Spitfires, in particular, are dubious representations). But, for a 'test canvas', they are an absolute bargain.

Quite pleased with myself (...And they had a Wildcat and a Tempest too, may have to go back on Wednesday if there are any left!)

By the way, this is quite a nostalgic 'mini-project' as this is the first time I have made a Spitfire since I made one of the venerable Airfix Series 1 Spits when I was a kid!

Oh and, PPS, for those that asked me how Hataka paints go on using a brush, I will be finding out with this kit!


  1. Out of interest, what other Hobbyboss kits are in the sale?

    1. Off hand, I remember they had a mix of Eurofighters, Spitfires, Mig-15s, tempests and there was a Wildcat. I'm nipping back on Saturday so I'll make a note and check the price (not sure how long the sale is on).