Thursday, 3 October 2013

ISU-122 Weathering & Chipping

Had some time to do some quick weathering and chipping (please excuse the dodgy photos)...

As well as added grim I have done some chipping in a dark purple-grey around the edges and areas which I guess would see a lot of wear and tear.

The thing to remember is that this tank depicts a vehicle which saw action up to the final stages of World War 2 - in fact one which took part in the final Battle for Berlin - so it will be quite war weary.

Hopefully I haven't over-done the touches of light rust and scratches.

I haven't perfected a good means to do dust yet, I would like to do some work with dust effects in order to tone down colours and flatten the finish. I may yet try to add some dust using powders.

NEXT: Adding mud to the underside before attaching the tracks.