Thursday, 20 December 2012

Featured work - Barış's superb IS-3 Stalin

I Like the IS-3, it's maybe the menacing look or because I enjoyed playing it in the online tank game 'World of Tanks', but in any case I bought the much maligned Airfix IS-3 and squirreled it away in my stash box for a rainy day. Well, it's raining and with the Christmas holiday coming up this bit of inspiration from Barış over at the MiniAFV blog has really made me want to get the Stalin tank out and start building...

Now you may look at this picture and wonder what's going on, but this part of Barış's technique for rusting really caught my eye. He spots the out the rusty areas and areas for an extra highlight with red and white oils and then blends them in using a brush wettened with white spirit.

I definitely want to give this idea a try with my Airfix monster as the end result - check out his blog - is fantastic.

Link: Roden IS-3 Stalin **first page** (by Barış Bayar)

Now aside from the paining technique the Airfix kit will demand a bit of love and attention and upgrades as it has two very well known weaknesses - the inaccurate shape of the turret and the awful plastic tracks. You can read more about the Airfix IS-3's failings over at Matador Models (including suggestions on how to improve the kit).

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